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Hello and welcome to my communications page for parents. Please consider bookmarking this page so you can easily return to it. I do my very best to update this page weekly with important information.

If things look “off” or “weird” please click on the left task bar where it says “Verify your browser...” You may need an update to see things properly. 

Let me take a moment to explain how my website works. This is my homepage. You will be directed here from the SPS school website. From this page you can use the left task bar to navigate to other pages I have. 

There is a page for every short story, play, and novel we read. On each story page you will find these items available: 

  • A short introduction to the story with the specific literary techniques that are defined and that we will be concentrating on for that unit. 
  • A digital copy of each story for download or printing. (For those who might forget their iPad or if it dies.)
  • The types of assessments students will be given
  • All worksheets will be available for download or printing. (Just in case anyone loses or forgets their book or worksheets at school or their iPad dies.) 
  • Supplemental information to enhance and enrich learning. These might be videos, related articles, powerpoint videos, etc. 
  • Remediation information for students who may be struggling. These might consist of additional videos, audios, articles, powerpoint videos, etc. 
  • All notes given in class. 
  •  The Missouri Learning Standards for each story. 

Additional pages available in the left task bar include:

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • my class photo album
  • my professional and personal profile 
  • my contact information
  • my lesson plans
  • my daily schedule 
  • There is a calendar that will have important dates listed
  • An announcement section at the top of the left task bar
  •  There is an e-note option for parents to sign up for any e-mail announcements that might be made throughout the year. This is just an additional opportunity for us to communicate together.  

For parents/guardians who do not speak English fluently, at the bottom of each page there is a button that says, “ Select Language” . There are a lot of choices available, Please choose what might work best for you.

Please feel free to peruse my pages and get accustomed to what is available. 

I encourage and welcome parent communication. Please feel free at any time to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or anything that might assist me with educating your child! 

Thank you so much! Welcome parents to the 2017-2018 school year and I so look forward to getting to meet and know you all. 


Mrs. Ware

Updated January 19, 2018

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed the snow we received but I am SO glad to be back!

Since we missed so many days, we need to make up some work to get back on schedule. This may require a little bit of “out of class” work this following week. The lesson plans are posted on the lesson plan page if you want to check them out to know when that might be. We need to try to get through 9 and 10 next week. We will see how that goes! :-)

We were not able to have our Perfect Discipline reward day on Friday so that will be rescheduled. I will let you know as soon as I know. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Mrs. Ware



Updated January 3, 2018

Welcome back! I hope everyone had time to relax and rejuvenate over the holiday break. 

We will be starting back with Flowers for Algernon. The page is open for you and I will be updating some files for them. Lesson plans are up and ready to go for the next couple of weeks. I didn’t want to plan too far out because I’m not sure how quickly we might move. 

Here is the Study Stack for the vocabulary for Flowers for Algernon. 


Just as a reminder, all students start back with a fresh score this quarter. It’s a re-set. Yay! So, if your student didn’t do as well as they hoped last semester, they can start fresh tomorrow! Hope abounds!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concernes you might have. It’s best if we can get these things corrected asap. 

I anticipate things will go much more smoothly this semester than they did last semester. I have no big life events so we are good to go! 

  I can’t wait to see you!


Mrs. Ware


Mrs. Carissa Ware

Supplies Needed for Class

All students will need a composition notebook for notes and a writing utensil. At the end of the year, students will need a tri-fold poster. 

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