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Cynthia Hawkins

Here is the link to the calendar for the month of May.



Holocoust Memorial Night will be April 12th from 6:30-8:30. More details about this opportunity are available on the Anne Frank lesson page. Hope to see you all there. 

Here is the link to the calendar for the month of April.




Welcome back for second semester students and parents. The best thing about second semester is that is a fresh start for everyone. Student’s grade are starting anew and each one has the chance to make the decision to keep their grades up. Please remember to check and pay attention to assignment due dates and use this website as a helpful study tool. I look forward to the great things this semester will bring. 



Dear parents, college prep students are currently preparing for their mock trial project. Students in 1st, 2nd, and 6th hours will be trying the narrator of “The Tell Tale Heart” for murder on Monday, October 30th. Please know that you are invited to come and participate in the trial. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in joining us. 



It’s hard to believe that we only have two more weeks left in 1st quarter, time is flying by. Students have begun reading “The Monkey’s Paw” today in class. They were also introduced to the project over the story yesterday in class. Students have the option of completing either a DVD cover for a movie version of the story or a comic stip over the story. Handouts describing both assignments are on the story page. This project is due on Friday October 6th, 2017. Also students need to make sure that they are practicing their IXL lessons each week. I ask that students reach 90% mastery on the week’s lesson by 3:15 on Friday afternoon. If you ever have any question, feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back with you quickly. 





Welcome to the third week of school. This week students are reading their first assignment titled “The Spider Man Behind Spider-Man”. Along with reading this article the students are completing a vocabulary chart and a study guide that will be reviewed before the test. The test will be on Tuesday September, 5th, 2017 and that is also the date that their non-fiction text features project is due. Please check the story page for any needed handouts or directions.




Welcome back students and parents! 

I am so excited for this brand new school year and can’t wait to meet you all. Please bookmark or favorite this web page as I will post important information here and you will find it very benefical to check it often. This web site will  contain links to the electronic copies of the stories that we read, the worksheets and handouts that are given, audio versions of the stories and videos on different topics. 

On the first day of school students will be bringing home a copy of my classroom rules and procedures. The last page of the packet will need to be completed and returned to me. It askes for you to acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules and procedures and also asks for the way that you prefer for me to contact you if needed. 

First day of school handout

First day of school PowerPoint

We will be using Google Classroom this year in class. This platform will be used to send out assignments and will be where students will also turn in their completed assignments. 


We are continuing to  implement the DRAFT this year at the Junior High. This policy is designed to help us meet the needs of all of our students and to help them be successful this year. Below is the link to the information about the  DRAFT policy.


Here is the calender for this school year.

Here is the daily bell schedule.


There are certain literary terms that eighth graders need to master by the end of the school year. These terms will be pre-tested on the second day of school. It is not expected that the students know all of these terms for the pre-test, this is pre-test is used to gauge how many of them they already know from previous classes. These terms will be tested again at the end of the school year to gauge how well they have mastered them as they have been taught through out the year. Please do not start going over these terms with your student until the second week of school. Thank you very much.

Test corrections

When a student receives a grade lower than a 75% on the story tests, I require that they complete test corrections. Any student who does not receive a 100% is welcome to complete test correction. If they complete each of the step correctly they will earn back half of the original questions points. For example if they missed a multiple choice questions that was originally worth four points, they can earn back two points for completing corrections. The document explaining how to complete corrections is below.

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