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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Here are some ways to that parents can help their students succeed in class. 

  1. Have the students read the story aloud to you. (If they struggle with reading some of the story, please be patient and encourage them to keep trying. Compliment them on what they do well.)
  2. Read the story aloud to your student modeling how to be a good reader.
  3. After reading the story together, quiz your student over the story.(They are some good comprehension questions in the margins of most of the stories.) Did they understand what was going on in the story? Do they understand the vocabulary of the story? Do they understanding the literary techniques that are the focus of the story? (The literary techniques can normally be found on the pages before the story begins.)
  4. Communicate with me. If you have any questions or concerns about the lessons or your student please contact me. I am available before and after school and during my plan period, which is fifth hour. I will try and answer any emails I receive as soon as possible.
  5. Set aside study time for the student where they can focus on re-reading the stories, going over the vocabulary words and studying the review packets or study guides. 
  6. Check my website, PearsonRealize or Google Clasrrom for any assignments, messages, or handouts.
  7. Take time to make sure that all of their work is completed well. 
  8. Ensure that they are getting plenty of sleep. (Somtimes students will stay up late watching tv, playing video games or on social media etc.)
  9. Ask them questions about what we are doing in class. What stories are they reading? How do they like them. Does anything in particular stand out to them? Are there any life lessons that they have learned from reading the stories? Are we doing any fun projects with the stories?

If you find that these suggestions are not helping you and your student, please contact me and we will work together to create a plan to help your student. 

Here are somethings that you can do to help improve your class grade.

  1. Ask me for help. I am available before school from 7:40-8:00 and after school from 3:15-3:40. I would be happy to work with you one on one to help you understand the lessons.
  2. Pay attention and listen very carefully in class.
  3. Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, say something, ask me for clarification or help.
  4. Take notes in class.
  5. Re-read the stories. Do this several times if necessary. Sometimes you won’t pick everything up the first time you read a story.
  6. Complete the assignments! All of the assignments given are designed to help you succeed and to prepare you for the tests.
  7. Study! Study the vocabulary words, the literary techniques and any study guides or handouts.
  8. Check my website for any helpful videos, handouts, or links.
  9. Ask a friend for help. Ask them to try and explain it to you. Do not copy them or their work though. This does not help you, but actually hurts you because you do not learn anything. Copying will also lead to a zero and possible discipline. (Make sure you ask a friend who is doing well in the class or understands the assignment.)

If you are still not improving after trying all this, come see me. We will work together to try and create a plan that will help you succeed in class.

Yes, you did miss something. You can find your missing work in the green tub in the back of the classroom. Make up work will be in the folders labled missing work for each day. Find the folder for the day of the week that you were absent and your missing work will be in it. You can also find the assignments on Google Classroom, PearsonRealizeand my website. 

According to district policy you have two days to collect your missing work and five days to turn in the completed assignments. If a test is scheduled for the day that you missed and you have received the necessary information for that test, you will take it on the first day that you are back in class. 

Any assignment that is late, which I consider an assignment that was not turned in day the it was due, will be deducted 20%. I will accept late work up to two weeks after the due date, after that the imcomplete work will remain a zero in the gradebook. You will be notified both in class, on Google Classroom, PearsonRealize, and on the website when the cut off date to turn in late assignments will be. 

Extra credit will be offered from time to time in class. If there will be an extra credit opportunity in class, you will be notified of it in class, on Google Classroom and on my website.

If you are caught cheating in class or allowing someone to cheat off of you, you and anyone else involved will receive a zero on the assignment. You will not be allowed to make up the assignment and your parents will be contacted. If I feel it necessary you may also receive an office referral.