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Sherry Johnson

Week of September 11-15, 2017

Weekly Objectives: Assess story vocabulary, internal/external conflict, and general comprehension of text. Read and analyze non-fiction and compose historical fiction essay.

Monday – Thank You M’am study guide

Tuesday- Thank You M’am test; Conflict and Inference charts (ws 79 & 81) due today!

            After test, read IRA or work on missing/failed assignments

Wednesday– Teacher will introduce vocabulary for non-fiction text Always Remember about 9/11.  Students will read and discuss the story in small groups.  As a small group, they will answer the comprehension questions.

Thursday –  Students will complete vocabulary assignment.  As a class, we will discuss what they  learned from the story.  Students will begin writing a historical fiction story in which the students will pretend they were there that day and use actual facts of the event in their stories.

Thursday – Assess vocabulary application.  Students will continue to work on historical fiction piece.

Friday – Review previously taught skills through a review game, and give students an opportunity to share their historical fiction story with the class.


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