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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner.  As school counselors, it is our job to design and deliver a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes student achievement here at SJHS. Some of our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- individual student academic program planning

-interpreting cognitive, aptitude, and achievement tests and analyzing disaggregated data

- providing counseling to students who are absent, having trouble socially or academically, or having disciplinary problems

- collaborating with teachers to present school counseling core curriculum lessons

- analyzing grade-point averages and other student data in relationship to achievement

- interpreting student records

-providing teachers with suggestions for effective classroom management

- helping the school principal identify and resolve student issues, needs, and problems

- providing individual and small-group counseling services to students in both a preventative and responsive approach

- advocating for students at individual education plan meetings

We love what we do, and are eager to help our students in any way; however, student success is best achieved through teamwork on the part of the student, parent(s), and staff. Please note that students will have access to numerous resources to aide in academic success that we are eager to promote as a team. Google Classroom is used by most teachers here and has many organizational tools that will help students keep track of and complete their work.  The Bully app is also available to all SJHS students and allows students to anonamously submit any bullying activity they have witnessed in the school or community. This message will be sent in confidentiality to the counselors to investigate. The student and parent portals are also available on the school website to assist in identification of school assignments, lunch money balances, grades, etc.

It is our pleasure to provide any assistance needed with these resources, and our honor to work hard to do our part in the successful support team each student needs and deserves. We look forward to working with your students in making this year the best year possible.


SJHS School Counselors

Andrea Baker and Molly Sain


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