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Daily Schedule

Week of August 27-31

Monday-Students will use a guided reading sheet to read chapter 3, lesson 2.

Tuesday-Class discussion on lesson 2 & map activity

Wednesday-Power Point over the New England Colonies and students will take guided notes.

Thursday-New England Colonies simulation activity

Friday-Quiz on lesson 2 and vocabulary from lessons 1 & 2

Week of September 3-7

Monday-No School

Tuesday-Guided reading chapter 3 lesson 3

Wednesday-Guided reading chapter 3 lesson 4

Thursday-Class discussion over lessons 3 and 4

Friday-Map activity over middle and southern colonies

Week of September 10-14

Monday-Study Guide for Chapter 3

Tuesday-Lessons 3 and 4 quiz

Wednesday-Jeopardy Review for test

Thursday-Chapter 3 test

Friady-13 Colonies Escape Room Activity

Week of September 17-21

Monday-Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday-Notes and visual examples of primary and secondary sources

Wednesday-Sources sorting activity and Kahoot

Thursday-Secenario using primary and secondary sources

Friday-Quiz over primary and secondary sources

Week of September 24-28

Monday-Triangular Trade video in TedTalk and guided reading on chapter 4 lesson1

Tuesday-Complete guided reading and begin discussing of lesson 1

Wednesday-Guided reading chapter 4 lesson 2

Thursday-Discussion of lesson 2

Friday-Twelve Years a Slave, 1984

Week of October 1-5

Monday-Review and discuss chapter 4 lessons 1 & 2

Tuesday-Quiz on lessons 1 & 2, begin guided reading on chapter 4 lessons 3 & 4

Wedsneday- Complete guided reading lessons 3 & 4, begin discussion on lesson 3

Thursday-Continue discussion on lesson 3 and add lesson 4

Friday-Quiz on chapter 4 lessons 3 & 4  (This is a ½ day of school)

Week of October 8-12

Monday-NO School 

Tuesday-Students will begin filling out study guide for chapter 4 test on Friday.

Wednesday-Students will finish study guide, and we will begin going over it and reviewing for test.

Thursday-Review for test and finish the last 20 minutes of movie.

Friday-Chapter 4 Test

Week of October 15-19

Monday-The Story of Us, an introduction to the events leading up to the American Revolution, Chapter 5

Tuesday –Students will begin working on guided reading chapter 5 lessons 1 & 2

Wednesday-We will discuss lessons 1 & 2

Thursday-Quiz over chapter 5 lessons 1 & 2 (This is a ½ day of school) We weren’t able to complete due to Perfect Discipline reward.

Friday-NO School

Thursday afternoon & evening are Parent/Teacher Conferences

Week of October 22-26

Monday-Students will complete guided reading for chap 5 lessons 1-4.

Tuesday-Review lessons 1 & 2

Wednesday-Quiz on lessons 1 & 2 and begin discussion on lessons 3 & 4

Thursday-Complete discussion on lessons 3 &4

Friday-Quiz on lessons 3 & 4

Week of October 29-November 2

Monday-Students will complete study guide for chap 5 test on Friday.

Tuesday-Go over study guide

Wednesday-Declaration of Independence scavenger hunt

Thursday-Review for test

Friday-Chapter 5 Test


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