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Lesson Plans


Lesson Plans


Date: 4/26-5/28


LS1. C.1- Construct a scientific explanation based on evidence for the role of photosynthesis and cellular respiration in the cycling of matter and energy in and out of organisms.


I can describe the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration in cycling matter.

I can explain why the energy from the sun is necessary for the production of food and oxygen for organisms


Students will continue to do journal writing prompts. I have scheduled two more for the year on April 26th and May 3rd. On April 30th students will do their last two Achieve 3000 articles for the year that will cover topics we will address in class. We will take the post test on May 7th over LS1.C.1 and students will have unit test on May 20th that will serve as their final.